Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Create me a paradise

Ever wonder how you touched my soul? Since I met you, I'm not the same...you bring life to everything I do...Just the way you say hello...Because of you, my life has changed..Thank you for the love and the joy you bring....Why can't you just see? That we'll always have a place in our hearts for each other...Don't you wonder how that happened to us? Won't you just create a perfect place for us to be in together? That no1 would see our love blossoming and flowing thru our veins...Wouldn't you like that too...Just tell me what to do and I'll help you make that that paradise with you...That's how much I love you so...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I sat up all night crying..Thinking about all those sweet and crazy moments we all left in school...Can this be really it? The times has finally come for us to say goodbye...Time flew...I remember the first week I came to school...Ms Kartini and her class of primary 3...God!!! I grew up with most of you...It sucks that we're all parting ways but I know deep in my heart,that we'll all still cross path...I will still remember the times Mr Tex used to run after Amna, me and the girls because of our dresses...I'll miss you all...Don't ever forget me..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Para sa Inyo

I don't know why is it so tough to let people go...I find it so devastatingly hard to let the ones I love leave my side...Kung pwede lang sana dito na lang sila lahat sa tabi ko...Ang sakit kasi pagnawala sayo ang taong mahal na mahal mo..Sa lahat nang tao na mahal na mahal ko sana nasa mabuti kayong kalusugan...Ang hirap sabihin sa inyong lahat ang nararamdaman ko..Para sa inyo ito..Sana basahin nyo at malaman na kayo ang nag papaikot ng mundo ko...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Part of Me

This is a part of me no one can ever see...It's all a part of my other persona..I'm not the girl you see at school when I'm out with my friends...I keep this part a secret from my school friends till now...I'm not a total bitch nor a liar...Just a real human being...It's scary to know that you're being judged in every step you take and every move you make...If you're not up to the standards you're considered an outsider...That's what I am right now, an outsider..Though I love to be back in with my old friends..It sucks that we all don't hang out anymore...I hate being on the outside..It's like I don't belong anymore..Do I really belong here? What if I was meant to be somewhere else? Could I really belong in a place where I could love just about everything around me? I wanna try to ask for forgiveness from everyone I have hurt before..I hope to God that they'll have it in their hearts to forgive me...