Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Part of Me

This is a part of me no one can ever see...It's all a part of my other persona..I'm not the girl you see at school when I'm out with my friends...I keep this part a secret from my school friends till now...I'm not a total bitch nor a liar...Just a real human being...It's scary to know that you're being judged in every step you take and every move you make...If you're not up to the standards you're considered an outsider...That's what I am right now, an outsider..Though I love to be back in with my old friends..It sucks that we all don't hang out anymore...I hate being on the outside..It's like I don't belong anymore..Do I really belong here? What if I was meant to be somewhere else? Could I really belong in a place where I could love just about everything around me? I wanna try to ask for forgiveness from everyone I have hurt before..I hope to God that they'll have it in their hearts to forgive me...

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