Monday, March 30, 2009

Needing you

Day by Day I see you pass by with that sad look in your eyes..I wonder if that look was meant for me..I can only guess what you're really feeling inside of you..Are you sad that we can never be those two people again or that I can never be yours? Is our fate really that screwed up now? Whose fault was it that we broke up? I still need you by my side everyday of my life...You're a part of my world now..I know I screwed up the last couple of times we were together but I swear I never told...They guessed it...Just cos it's us...We can never keep anything to ourselves if they saw us together...You have to choose between me or her...If you choose her over me, I'll disappear for good..You'll never hear from me again..The changes in me right is because of what I feel for you...

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