Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye but not Farewell

Saying goodbye feels like you're dying. Only less than two months and we're all separating ways. It hurts me to know that after all these years, we're finally parting ways. I'm gonna miss you all but it's another phase in our lives. It's part of growing up.
College is another great experience. New friends, Different classes and Different teachers. I won't forget all the things that we all been through.

This is for Sowmith, Jucy, Ihsanah, Ramya and Hiran...
We've been through rough times and you guys have always been there for me..I'll miss you guys so much..The advice and the harsh criticisms(Sowcow) helped me move forward. You guys have inspired me to be the best that I can be. What would I do without you guys always having my back? I'll never forget all the help you gave me...

I'll miss the whole Form 5...
I know I'm not the best person to be friends with and i regret being mean and hurtful...I'm sorry for that..I wish I could take it all back..Forgive me all of you..

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