Thursday, March 26, 2009

confession to you

It's actually happening...I actually believe you because of your best friend...He told me that it was finally over between you and her...I wanna feel happy but I can't, you're 8 months too late...Though I'm not yours to have, I'll always be in your heart as you were my first true love and the best friend I ever had..Don't ever leave me or change who you are..My heart would always belong to you no matter what happens between us...I don't care if I belong to someone else or so do you..Life without you might suck when I go off to college...I wish I could take you with me as we talked about yesterday but I can't...I'll come back for you as long as you still feel that I still belong in your life...Don't hesitate to tell me what you feel...I'm not as insensitive as people say I am..I feel all the love that I felt for you these past few years seems to grow fonder..I don't think I can live without you in my life anymore..You're the biggest part of my entire being...

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